True North Farm - Encinitas

where every horse receives individualized care 

Although it is easy to look at prices as a way to compare facilities, it is often hard to truly compare apples to apples. Every farm has different perks, qualities and amenities. At True North you are getting a very small, new backyard farm experience with an emphasis on individualized care located in the quiet hills of Olivenhain. We do not have large jumping arenas or have trainers onsite, but we do have a quiet, breezy space to enjoy your horse with exceptional care and miles of trails are in our backyard.  We pride ourselves in the ability to feed dinner later, blanket after sunset, and closely monitor behaviors to ensure the best program for each horse. 

12ft Barn Stalls with 24ft Runs

  • 12' x 12' Barn Stalls with 24' or 36' sand runs
  • Daily shavings added on top of rubber mats
  • Raised center aisle for airflow with outlets forindividual fans
  • Bright and open barn with skylights
  • Open windows, grilled dividers between stalls, and closable run access 
  • Cleaning of stalls 2X a day
  • Feeding of Bermuda/Alfalfa 3x a day (added cost for Timothy/Orchard)
  • Grills so horses can see each other and feel secure

Services:  We offer services to ensure you feel your horse is getting the program he or she needs. Please reach out to discuss.