True North Farm - Encinitas

where every horse receives individualized care 

True North Farm was once upon a time a mid-sized hunter/jumper facility located 40 minutes northeast of us now. We have since moved and set our sights on impacting a select group of  horses that are young, laid up or retired while being located close to their loving owners (in North County SD). Of course, we are always open to different types of horses and programs as well, but our farm is perfect for those looking for a quiet place to enjoy their horse.

This farm will have a focus on quality care with a belief that movement and circulation is key to a happy, healthy horse. We are very small with only a handful of horses on the property. The small space makes it easier to maintain the farm and ensure every horse has the individualized care he/she needs to thrive. 

Amenities include:

  • A free flow walker with safety rubber siding and maintained footing
  • A small irregular sized arena for pleasure riding 86x140ftx65
  • A completely fenced in property in a low traffic area with owners onsite
  • A trail system that offers hills for fitness and gorgeous views
  • A personalized experience for each horse based on their needs (additional service costs may occur)

True North Farm - The Facility Owner 

It has always been a belief of mine to care for a client's horse as if they are my own and to never resort to "quick fix" methods for performance. I have a long history with horses and am grateful to have partnered with trainers over the years to ensure we always try to do what's right for the horses. 

I learned so much after opening up my first facility several years ago with an experienced trainer.  I found out quickly that the job is never done and once you complete one project, you start all over again. However, when you look back at all you've done, it's a pretty amazing thing to see the progression of a horse in the right program.